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Personal Property and Casualty Insurance

In case of emergency, you will need attentive service in Japanese. We will support your safe life in the United States.


Introduction of Personal Line
Insurance Products


Those who live in
a rental housing


Renters’ insurance covers your personal property and personal liability to third parties in your daily life. Renters insurance is not compulsory, nor is it stipulated by law; however, recently property owners and property managers are increasing their requirement for renters’ insurance when leasing contracts. We strongly recommend renters insurance that includes both personal property and liability coverages as a package.

Automobile Insurance

important insurance
for car owners


In the United States, state law requires owners to have automobile insurance. By purchasing automobile insurance that includes bodily injury, property damage liability, personal injury, uninsured / underinsured motorists, physical damage, rental car expenses, etc., you can comply with the law of each state and obtain comprehensive compensation in case of automobile accidents.

Umbrella Insurance

Insurance that allows for additional liability Limit

umbrella insurance

The United States does not have unlimited liability coverage of auto insurance as there is in Japan in terms of personal injury and property damage liability. By purchasing Umbrella Insurance, you can increase the liability limits of renters’ insurance and automobile insurance. In the United States, depending on the liability claim, there is a possibility of to be sued for a substantial amount of compensation. We recommend our customers to purchase Umbrella insurance in addition to renters’ insurance and automobile insurance.

Life Insurance

Safe and secure life insurance that combines the purpose of saving


Life insurance in the United States combines both "security" and "savings". With a higher guaranteed interest rate versus Japan, we can offer safe and secure life insurance products designed specifically for savings purposes.

Please note that this insurance is only available to legal residents of California, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Hawaii.


Q. Why might other companies' insurance be cheaper?

A. There are various reasons, but the main reasons are the difference in coverages and limits. Due to these differences, where damages were not fully compensated for many cases.

Q. I don't have a driver's license issued by a motor vehicle department of the United States. Can I get a car insurance with an International Driver's License?

A. You can purchase personal automobile insurance on the premise that you will obtain an US driver's license as soon as possible. In addition, if you do not have a driving history and / or a history of automobile insurance in the United States, we will consider your driving history and the number of years you held the automobile insurance in the other country when calculating insurance premium.

Q. Can I cancel my insurance policy mid-term? Also, is there a refund for the unused period?

A. For reasons such as returning to Japan, it is possible to cancel the policy in the middle of the policy term. Depending on the policy and expiration date, a refund would be prorated and paid by the insurance company.

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